Jürgen Thiele was our second artist who received the Brain Painting at Home system, He was known as a renowned aquarelle painter (see exhibition) and he regularly used Brain Painting since September 2013 to autumn 2015.

portrait Jürgen Thiele

Figure 1: JThiele's portrait.

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  • 1940
    born in Freiberg/ Sachsen (DE)
  • 1954
    apprenticeship as brick layer and assistant
  • 1957-60
    school of engineering for archtitecture in Glaucha (DE), degree as architect for building structure within countryside
  • 1960-61
    architect in office for domain-, town-, and village-planning in Potsdam
  • 1961-79
    head of the department for project planning in the town planning office Königs Wursterhausen (DE)
  • 1970-75
    study of building and room design in Halle (Saale), degree as Diplom-Designer
  • Since 1970
    construction art, fountain in Königs Wursterhausen, different wall and ground design, glass design, restoration works
  • 1977
    candidacy in the union of visual artists, member from 1979 to 1990
  • 1976-79
    project Manager in Pattern- and Experimentaloffice at the construction academy in Berlin
  • Since 1979
    self-employed architect and designer in Königs-Wursterhausen
  • Since 1982
    studio in Königs-Wursterhausen
  • 2006
    diagnosed with ALS
  • 2013
    Contact the Uni Würzburg and start breathtaking brain paintings
  • Jan 2017