Most active artists that used Brain Painting

Heide Pfützner

hhem portrait

Brain Painting has been adapted for home use. Heide Pfützner (HHEM) was the first person using Brain Painting independently at home. She has been painting since January 2012 and helped us a lot to improve the system. We are still impressed by how she mixes colors so easily, also by how many little details can be found in most of her paintings.

Jürgen Thiele

portrait of J.Thiele

Jürgen Thiele, our second artist, uses Brain Painting at home since September 2013. He is renowned as an aquarelle painter (see "Licht & Farbe" exhibition). Have a look at his impressive Brain Paintings in his gallery.

Sonja Balmer

photo Sonja Balmer using Brain Painting

Sonja Balmer was among the first end-users to test Brain Painting (personal website)

Liane Krauss

photo of Liane Krauss using Brain Painting

Liane Krauss was among the first end-users to test Brain Painting.