A non-exhaustive list of our scientific publications about Brain Painting

Publications, Conference submissions/talks:

  • 2016
    • A. Kübler, L. Botrel, E. M. Holz. BCI-controlled Brain Painting at home: years of use, Proceedings of the 6th International BCI Meeting 2016. Full Text
    • L. Botrel, E. M. Holz, A. Kübler. Brain Painting V2: long-term evaluation by an end-user at home – an update Proceedings of the 6th International BCI Meeting 2016. Full Text
    • E. M. Holz, L. Botrel, A. Kübler, The impact of a BCI for creative expression on the quality of life of two artists in the locked-in state, Proceedings of the 6th International BCI Meeting 2016. Full Text
  • 2015
    • Botrel, L., Holz, E. M., & Kübler, A. (2015). Brain Painting V2: evaluation of P300-based brain-computer interface for creative expression by an end-user following the user-centered design. Brain-Computer Interfaces, 2(2-3), 135-149. Full Text
    • Holz, E. M., Botrel, L., & Kübler, A. (2015). Independent home use of Brain Painting improves quality of life of two artists in the locked-in state diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Brain-Computer Interfaces, 2(2-3), 117-134.
    • Holz, EM, Botrel, L., Kaufmann, T., Kübler, A. Long-term independent brain-computer interface home use improves quality of life of a patient in the locked-in state: A case study, Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, 96.3 (2015): S16-S26.
  • 2014
    • Botrel, L., Reuter, P., Holz, EM., Kübler, A (2014): Brain Painting Version 2 - evaluation with healthy end-users. In Gernot Müller-Putz, Günther Bauernfeind, Clemens Brunner, Steyrl David, Selina Wriessnegger, Reinhold Scherer (Eds.): Proceedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2014. The Future of Brain-Computer Interaction: Basics, Shortcomings, Users. 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference, September 16-19, 2014. Graz University of Technology, Austria, pp. 32–35. Download All proceedings
  • 2013
    • Kübler, A., Holz, E., Kaufmann, T., & Zickler, C. (2013). A user centred approach for bringing BCI controlled applications to end-users. Brain-Computer Interface Systems-Recent Progress and Future Prospects. Full Text
    • Kübler, A., Holz, E., & Botrel, L. (2013). Addendum on the issue's cover picture. Brain, 136, 2005-2006. Preview
    • Holz, E.M. (2013, June). Long-term independent BCI home-use: An evaluation study. Paper presented at the 5th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting, Asilomar, CA.
    • Holz, E.M., Botrel, L., Kaufmann, T., & Kübler, A. (2013, June). Evaluation of Long-term Independent BCI Home-Use. Poster presented at the 39th annual meeting of the German Society for Psychophysiology and its Application (DGPA) and the DGPs section Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology, Wuerzburg, Germany.
    • Holz, E.M., Botrel, L., Kaufmann, T., & Kübler, A. (2013). Long-Term Independent BCI Home-Use by a Locked-In End-User: An Evaluation Study. In J. d. R. Millàn, S. Gao, G. R. Müller-Putz, J. R. Wolpaw, & J. E. Huggins (Eds.), Proceedings of the 5th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting (doi: 10.3217/978-3-85125-260-6-181). Full text
    • Holz, E.M., Botrel, L., & Kübler, A. (2013). Bridging gaps: long-term independent BCI home-use by a locked-in end-user. In N.-L. Millàn, N. Guechoul, R. Leeb, & J. del R. Millàn (Eds.), Proceedings of TOBI Workshop IV (pp. 35-36).Full text
    • Zickler, C., Halder, S., Kleih, S. C., Herbert, C., & Kübler, A. (2013). Brain painting: Usability testing according to the user-centered design in end users with severe motor paralysis. Artificial intelligence in medicine, 59(2), 99-110. Full Text
  • 2012
    • Fazel-Rezai, R., Allison, B. Z., Guger, C., Sellers, E. W., Kleih, S. C., & Kübler, A. (2012). P300 brain computer interface: current challenges and emerging trends. Frontiers in neuroengineering, 5. Full text
    • Kaufmann, T., Schulz, S. M., Grünzinger, C., & Kübler, A. (2011). Flashing characters with famous faces improves ERP-based brain-computer interface performance. Journal of neural engineering, 8(5), 056016. Full Text
  • 2010
    • Münßinger JI, Halder S, Kleih SC, Furdea A, Raco V, Hösle A and Kübler A (2010) Brain Painting: first evaluation of a new brain-computer interface application with ALS-patients and healthy volunteers. Front. Neurosci. 4:182. Full text

Related Publications:

  • Wolpaw, J. R., Birbaumer, N., McFarland, D. J., Pfurtscheller, G., & Vaughan, T. M. (2002). Brain-computer interfaces for communication and control. Clinical neurophysiology, 113(6), 767-791. Full Text